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Each baptism is honored by the village and the spirits with a Koumpo ceremony. The Koumpo, a spirit of the forest extremely respected by the population, is accompanied during these ceremonies by other emblematic figures such as Agomola or Bara. During these events, the inhabitants form a circle around the spirits and dance to the rhythm of the djembes. The spirits in a trance offer an impressive spectacle. Kabadio, Casamance, the heart of the sacred forest of Kabadio. Kabadio, Casamance, Senegal.

Photo print: Fuji Crystal Archive DP2 Satin RC Paper, 250g 

Laminated on 2mm dibond, Papier RC satin Fuji Crystal Archive DP2, 250g

Printing time D+3 working days

Delivery time D+3 working days

For custom dimensions please contact me directly by email:

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