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Le Cercle des Artistes is a creative agency that aims to make art accessible to everyone, founded in 2018 by Dany Mendes.


For four years, Dany Mendes has allowed emerging artists to exhibit their works at the Black Sheep, a friendly and festive bar located in the Pigalle district with the support of Samir, owner of the bar who is also passionate about art. Very quickly, these events met with real success with the public and hundreds of artists from all over France contacted Dany.


The values of the Circle revolve around its credo: “Love, Glory and the Street”. Accompany the artists in benevolence, allow them to gain visibility, welcome the public in a joyful atmosphere, share positive energies, all in urban atmospheres in opposition to the classic art galleries of the wealthy and divisive districts of Paris.

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IN 2020

I made my first exhibition with Le Cercle des Artistes when I arrived in Paris, at the time I had exhibited my work on Colombia 'Youth of the shadows'. This first exhibition took place the weekend which preceded the first confinement linked to COVID. During the confinement, Dany Mendes and I stayed in contact in order to prepare for the return to normal. When I left confinement, I re-exhibited and here we are, changing the circle of artists which does not yet have a concrete project.

IN 2021

Projects are accelerating, I am shooting for athletes, my network is growing, my vision is clear, I have to leave, travel, create content and chain exhibitions.

March 2021, I'm going to Senegal to support the Permakabadio association. On my return, I exhibit again at the Black sheep with Le Cercle des Artistes and create a new format, 3 days of opening with a musical program included. Several hundred people come to discover my work, a real success.

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IN 2022

After a second trip to Senegal, Le Cercle des Artistes presents its first living exhibition in a space of more than 300 m² in the heart of Paris, in the 11ᵉ arrondissement. Thirty-five artists are exhibited as well as several live performances, dj sets, drinks, food.

We decide with Dany to invite a few schools, homes and a group of young autistic people to introduce them to art. The project to make art accessible to all is in full swing.

Today, the Cercle des Artistes wishes to continue to offer ever more living exhibitions by highlighting artists and making art accessible to all.

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